Friday, March 22, 2019

Join ByBit and Get A Chance To Hit $7000 Jackpot

Join ByBit and Get A Chance To Hit $7000 Jackpot
Join ByBit and Get A Chance To Hit $7000 Jackpot

ByBit is a Singapore based worldwide digital currency subordinates trade. It enables you to exchange BTC and ETH unending contracts with up to 100x influence. Dissimilar to customary fates contract, Perpetual contracts have no expiry or settlement. ByBit gives a sheltered, solid, reasonable and easy to understand involvement on its stage. 

ByBit is effectively attempting to grow their userbase and they have been running different battles which will give you a chance to acquire better than average rewards on the stage by performing basic undertakings. The following are a portion of the dynamic/up and coming efforts:

ByBit's Joining/Deposit Bonus - Ending on 22 March 2019 at UTC 1200

Bybit is currently running a Wheel of Fortune promotion wherein you will get a free spin just for joining the exchange and confirming your email id. Also an additional spin will be awarded for registering your mobile number with the exchange. You can also earn 5 more spins just by making a deposit of 0.16 BTC or more, for the first deposit, every 0.032 BTC will grant 1 additional chance to spin the wheel up to 0.16 BTC for 5 chances.

The best part is that for each spin, you will earn a minimum of 5 dollars and if you are really lucky, you can also win a jackpot of 1000 dollars.

ByBit's Youtube Challenge - Ending on 01 April 2019

Just by making a 3-5 minute YouTube video introducing and detailing ByBit exchange, you can receive 50 USD in Bitcoin margin trading bonus on your ByBit account. Also, an additional 20 USD could be earned just by tweeting your video with #Bybit. The top 100 most viewed videos will receive an additional 100 USD in Bitcoin margin trading bonuses while the top 10 most viewed will receive 500 USD in actual withdrawable Bitcoin.

ByBit's Sticker Challenge - Upcoming

ByBit has already concluded their first sticker challenge this week and planning to launch another one very soon. You can receive bonuses on ByBit exchange just by making some cool stickers. I will update this section in the coming days when the new rules for the sticker competition comes out.