Thursday, March 14, 2019

Steam Link Anywhere lets you take your PC gaming with you

The move comes as Google, Sony expand game streaming options.

Steam Link Anywhere lets you take your PC gaming with you
Steam Link Anywhere lets you take your PC gaming with you

In a major expansion to its years-old in-home game-streaming efforts, Valve announced today that Steam users can now stream games from their PC gaming libraries to devices outside the home as well.

The Steam Link Anywhere program, launched in beta today, lets users stream games from "any computer running Steam" to:

  • Any other computer running Steam (even on a different network)
  • Any mobile device running the Steam Link app (sorry, iOS users are still out of luck)
  • Any Steam Link hardware box (if you can still find one)

The only requirements for today's "early beta" release, according to the announcement, are that "your computer has good upload speed and your Steam Link device has a good network connection." Those are imprecise terms, of course, but Steam's in-home streaming has previously shown a pretty good ability to scale visual quality up and down based on network conditions.

Valve's announcement comes just days before Google is expected to announce its own streaming gaming service and hardware at next week's Game Developers Conference. But that service will likely mirror other subscription services like GeForce Now or PlayStation Now, which stream a selection of games running on powerful centralized servers. Steam Link Anywhere is more akin to Nvidia's GameStream service, which essentially lets your home gaming rig serve as the server to stream games you already own.

Just last week, Sony released new PS4 firmware allowing users to stream PS4 games to their iOS devices, expanding a capability that was already available on Android and the PlayStation Vita.