Monday, April 22, 2019

Dustin 'Goldust' Rhodes Thanks WWE; Will Fight Cody at AEW's Double or Nothing

Dustin 'Goldust' Rhodes Thanks WWE; Will Fight Cody at AEW's Double or Nothing
Dustin 'Goldust' Rhodes Thanks WWE; Will Fight Cody at AEW's Double or Nothing

Dustin Rhodes announced his departure from WWE and said goodbye to the Goldust character in a series of social media posts Sunday.

Rhodes, 50, was reported as his sibling Cody's rival at AEW's Twofold or Nothing occasion prior in the day. The matchup had been prodded in past "Street to Win big or bust" scenes, yet Dustin had issued solid refusals about leaving WWE. 

The theory ended up being totally exact, as Scene 13 highlighted Dustin speaking finally about his association with Cody and why he needs to crush his sibling at the compensation per-view May 25. 

"I know everything there is to think about my younger sibling, Cody," Dustin said. "Also, he is one selfish child of a b - h. So often that I've revealed to him how glad I am of him. The amount I cherish him. Furthermore, how father would be glad for him and everything that he's cultivated. Never, not one time, never, has he said 'thanks man, I truly do esteem your conclusion. You're awesome. I adore you to death.'"

Dustin and Cody Rhodes were tag-group champions twice together in WWE, most as of late when Cody was utilizing the much-wailed over Stardust contrivance. They later quarreled yet never got an opportunity to have a legitimate pass over match, with the fantasy of a Rhodes siblings WrestleMania spotlight traveling every which way.

It shows up AEW will give the pair an appropriate spotlight, comparing the childhood of the two siblings. Cody, 33, is over 16 years more youthful than Dustin. He likewise "grew up already spoiled out of his mind," with their childhoods being oppositely contradicted, as indicated by Dustin's side of things.

Goldust was a standout amongst the most limit driving characters in WWE history, especially regarding sexuality—particularly amid the Disposition Time, including a scandalous minute where he was directed to the ring with a ball choke in his mouth.

Notwithstanding the questionable idea of the character, Rhodes reliably acquired splendid ring hacks and a holding nothing back dedication to the character that enabled it to get over with groups of onlookers. He's a nine-time WWE no-nonsense hero and three-time Intercontinental boss.